Corporate Video Production

APES has established itself as a leading video production house in the realm of corporate video production. With loads of experiene and a never-ending hunger for fresh ideas, we’re helping businesses – small to large – breathe life into their stories with top-notch commercial videos. Our professional video production team isn’t just pros at making videos, they get your brand’s culture and values too. These elements are woven seamlessly into your corporate video to produce engaging and brand-specific content that resonates with your brand while capturing viewers’ attention.

At APES, we believe that each project we undertake is more than just a corporate video production; it is an opportunity to delve deep into the essence of your business. We go beyond the surface level and take the time to truly understand your background, vision, values, and operations etc. By doing so, our video production aims to capture the entire picture of your company and translate it into a compelling visual story. Our approach is not about simply gathering information and putting it together haphazardly. Instead, our video production with you are strategically designed to leave a lasting impression and speak directly to your target audience.

Example of Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production and branding video can take various forms. Some examples are:

Corporate Introduction Video: Corporate videos usually take a longer duration, covering quite a basket of information. From vision to core values, from products to overall strengths among the market, offering a thorough understanding of your company.

Branding Videos: Brand images is the significant first impression that defines your relationship with your potential target groups. Is it innovative? Pioneering? Energetic? People-oriented? Caring? A branding video can present your company precisely and link you with the correct potential group.

Promotional Videos: Promotional videos are often used for marketing and advertising purposes. They highlight a company’s products, services, or campaigns in an engaging and persuasive manner, aiming to attract potential customers and increase sales.

Explainer Videos: Explainer videos simplify complex concepts or processes. They are highly effective for conveying information about how a product works, providing step-by-step tutorials, or addressing common customer questions.

Testimonial Videos: Testimonials feature satisfied customers, clients, or employees sharing their positive experiences with a company’s products, services, or work culture. These videos build trust and credibility by showcasing real people benefiting from your offerings.

Deliver Core Messages with Corporate Video Production

Every corporate video production should contain a core message that you want to convey to your audience. When the core message resonates with the audience, it can leave a lasting impression and even make the audience become familiar with the brand. When attempting to convey a core message in a corporate video, we will walk through some key strategies with you in achieving this goal:

A Compelling Opening

The opening of a video is critical in determining whether or not the audience will continue to watch. Each video should begin in an engaging way, such as with an interesting question, a surprising statistic, or a compelling scene, to heighten the audience’s interest in the video and capture their attention.

Short and Sweet

The core message should be presented in a succinct manner in a corporate video. Avoid using long plots or delivering overly detailed information in a video and focus on the most important points. Audiences usually only spend a few minutes watching a video, so we will always spend time identifying the most important messages and make sure they are delivered effectively.

Clear Language

Use clear, unambiguous language to convey the core message of your corporate video production. Avoid vague phrases or complex industry jargon to make the business video easier to understand for audiences inside and outside the industry.

Highlighting The Key Points

Corporate videos should emphasize the core message and stand out from the rest of the video. Visual elements such as images and graphics can help explain complex concepts and make a video more engaging, while music and sound effects can add emotional impact to create an atmosphere. Consider utilizing visual effects, sound effects or other special effects to highlight the core message to grab the audience’s attention.


Corporate video production can convey information through storytelling. A good story can hold the interest of the audience and make it easier for them to remember the message. Wrap the core message in a compelling storyline. Storylines help the audience understand the message more deeply because they put the message into context, making it more concrete and interesting.

Getting the core message across is one of the most important parts of a successful commercial video production. Utilizing these strategies will help you ensure that your audience understands and remembers the key messages of your business video, and will be able to connect with your brand on a deeper level, increasing customer loyalty and being an important step in building your brand.

The Power of Corporate Video Production

In addition to delivering the core message to the audience, coorporate video production can create powerful effects. In this digital world, video production can be presented to target audiences in more mediums for better results.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Brand video production can increase the exposure of your brand. By sharing your brand video on social media or platforms, YouTube and company websites, you can attract more attention from potential customers and rank higher in search engine results. It helps to ensure that your brand stands out in a competitive marketplace.

Characterize Your Brand

Corporate video production serves as a powerful tool for infusing your brand with a unique personality. By leveraging the tone, style, and narrative of your corporate video, you can express your brand values and culture in a more tangible way, humanizing your brand in the eyes of your audience.

Promote Social Interaction

Successful corporate videos should encourage social interaction. Viewers can share the movie on social media, post comments, and even discuss the movie with other viewers. These social interactions expand your brand’s presence on social media.

Explaining Complex Products Or Services

Some complex products or services can be difficult to explain and comprehend with mere text or static images. Corporate videos can explain complex products or services more clearly through a combination of visuals and sound, making it easier for viewers to understand.

Creating a sense of empathy

A successful brand video production is not just a promotional tool, it should also resonate emotionally with the audience and foster a sense of empathy. Building such an emotional connection with the audience propels long-term brand loyalty.

Increase Interactivity

Incorporating interactive elements into a corporate video can significantly increase audience engagement. Interaction not only keeps the audience engaged, but it also fosters deeper relationships, further enhancing audience-brand engagement.

Successful Corporate Video Production with APES

Successful brand video production is a daunting task, APES brings a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and passion to the arena of brand video production to help corporate clients to create brand video with the best quality. APES not only understands the nuances of video creation but also how to tailor it to reflect a brand’s identity and resonate with its target audience.

Below are the key stages of brand video production with APES that turn an initial concept into a powerful, engaging video that amplifies your brand’s message and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

1. Planning and Scripting

Before diving into brand video production, meticulous planning and scripting are essential. Define the goals, target audience, and the message to convey. Craft a captivating script that aligns with company objectives can facilitate the following processes.

2. Captivating Aesthetics

Aesthetics are the visual elements that capture the viewer’s attention. Invest in high-quality videography, graphics, and editing to ensure the brand video production looks stunning. Consistency in design and color schemes can reinforce the brand identity.

3. Engaging Storytelling

Engaging storytelling is the cornerstone of any successful corporate video. A well-structured story is the heart of successful brand video production. Create a narrative that resonates with the target audience on a deeper level, evokes their emotions, and leads them on a journey.

4. Professional Editing

Professional editing is the magic wand that transforms raw video footage into a polished and engaging corporate video. This step is the key to the success of brand video production and can ensure smooth transitions, proper pacing, and effective use of music and sound effects. A polished video is more likely to leave a lasting impression.

Corporate Video Production Hong Kong – FAQS

  1. How do I determine the right target audience for my corporate video production?
    Determining the right target audience for your corporate video production is a crucial step in ensuring your video effectively resonates with the right people. Identifying your target audience for the corporate video production involves conducting thorough market research, analyzing demographics, interests, and behaviors to tailor your video’s content to their preferences.
  2. What are some common mistakes to avoid in commercial video production?
    Common mistakes in commercial video production include neglecting clear objectives, poor scriptwriting, low production quality and overlooking the importance of audio quality, etc. By avoiding these common mistakes and focusing on best practices in corporate video production, you can create videos that captivate your audience, effectively communicate your message, and achieve your desired objectives.
  3. Does the duration of a corporate video production matter?
    Yes, the duration of a corporate video production matters significantly. The length of your video can impact its effectiveness, engagement, and the overall viewer experience. Shorter videos (around 3 to 5 minutes) are usually easier to keep the audience’s attention, however, longer videos can go deeper into the subject matter, and if there is a lot of content, the audience may accept a longer video if the content is compelling.
  4. Should I hire professional actors or use company employees in my corporate video production?
    The decision depends on your budget and the authenticity you want to convey. Using employees can create a personal connection, while professional actors bring experience and versatility.
  5. How to measure the success of a video production?
    Different metrics can be used to measure the success of a video production, including audience engagement, conversion rate, social sharing and audience feedback. The key is to set the right metrics based on the objectives to evaluate the effectiveness of the commercial video production.