Refining is a process of transformation

a journey that takes raw resources and transforms them into ingenious solutions.

APES is a team of dedicated craftsmen based in Hong Kong, specializing in a comprehensive range of video and event services. We take pride in offering tailor-made professional video and event production FROM RAW TO REFINED.

Founded in 2011 by Mr. Jerry Lau and Mr. Hoi Chiu, APES Production was born out of their complementary skills and shared desire to push boundaries. Together, they set out to provide exceptional corporate multimedia production services. Since then, our in-house team has continued to grow, attracting talented individuals who bring diverse expertise and fill various roles:


Account Manager

Project Manager

Director of Photography





Production Assistant

Event Production Manager

We believe a refined production requires much more.

An effective communication and synchronisation between you and us would be essential for a smooth production journey.

We Value

  • Attentive Listening and Communication
  • Astute Research and Material Selection
  • Transparent Plans and Processes

assuring that we share a same direction and vision for the video, pushing through walls together to create possibilities for the production..

APES Production has proudly partnered with both local and global brands across various industries, from corporate commercial entities, public sector organizations, institutions to charitable organizations. We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results and establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.