Annual Review Video

Looking back reminds us what has been achieved and motivates us to go further.
Our production team had the pleasure of working with Facebook to create two annual review videos – one for Facebook Hong Kong and another for Facebook Taiwan. These videos were designed to showcase the achievements of the past year, thank partners, and inspire everyone to continue to work towards a bigger and brighter future.

Our team’s approach to these videos was to capture more than just the programs and events that took place. We wanted to showcase the faces, atmospheres, and dynamics of the Facebook family. We aimed to highlight that these moments were not just work moments, but also fun memories shared together.

To achieve this, we used energetic and dynamic music to accompany a collage video. The music was carefully selected to match the energy and excitement. In addition to the visuals, we added captions that reminded viewers of their year resolutions, their commitment to serving the community, and their role as a helpful corporate partner in transforming and connecting people.

The videos were not just a recap of what happened over the past year, but they were also a celebration of the people who made it all happen. We wanted to highlight the hard work and dedication of the Facebook team and its partners, and to show how their collective efforts had a positive impact on the community.

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