Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Beat Drugs Fund Microfilm:《黑暗。光明》

“That day, May tries to impress her friends by acting tough, leading her down a path that has no way of turning back and ultimately results in her losing her eyes…”

This micro-film production project was commissioned by the Open University of Hong Kong at the beginning of the pandemic. The project comprises three micro-films, all of which are funded by the Beat Drugs Fund. The objective of the project is to educate the audience about the dangers of drug use through compelling storytelling.

The production team worked closely with the client to refine each script, ensuring that the messages were conveyed effectively. For the first microfilm, the story is based on a true incident, which adds a unique and powerful element to the storytelling.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the production team was able to continue with the project, taking careful measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The client’s trust in us allowed the project to move forward, resulting in a series of micro-films that we proudly completed from ground zero to completion. Our awesome cast and crew have delivered awesome teamwork in bringing all planning to life.

The other 2 micro-movies:
– “Perfect Life”《完美人生》: www.vimeo.com/399827847
– “Candy House”《糖衣屋》: www.vimeo.com/418826129