SF Supply Chain China (Hong Kong)

Corporate Video: Making Your Everyday More Complete

We were delighted to collaborate with SF Supply Chain (Hong Kong) to create a corporate video that showcased the important role of their supply chain operation in bringing everyday products to people’s lives.

After discussions with SF Supply Chain, we are entrusted to create 2 videos with 2 very different focuses. The first would be more emotional and relatable while the second video focused on the company’s latest automation and robotic technology.

For the first video, we proposed to let the visual speak with authenticity and turn the cold information into heartwarming messages.
This first video takes a more emotional approach. We wanted to show that even though people may not see their brand logos around them, SF Supply Chain is responsible for bringing many of the products that people use and enjoy every day.

After the shot of dawn, we opened the video with a heartwarming scene of a person starting their day with a sip of coffee and then proceeded to showcase the range of products that SF Supply Chain handles, from the clothes that people wear to the books that they read and the phones that they use to stay connected with their loved ones. This is designed to build the warm and caring mood, to connect the audience more closely to the brand.

We used a more human approach to introduce SF Supply Chain, emphasising that they are always there, delivering the right products to the right place at the right time and in the right quantity. We wanted to convey the message that SF Supply Chain has people’s backs, whether they are experiencing bitter or sweet moments in their lives.

As requested by SF Supply Chain, we also offer a peek of their operation. We highlighted the fact that the current SF Supply Chain is the result of a merger between the world-class supply chain expertise of DHL Group and the extensive domestic infrastructure and solid customer base of SF Holding. Together, they create a synergy that provides a superior integrated solution for their clients.

The video ended with the powerful message: “We are there for you. We are here to make your everyday more complete.” This line encapsulated the essence of SF Supply Chain’s operation, which is to bring people the products that they need to live their lives to the fullest.

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