Athena Best Financial Group

Corporate Video: Partner for Success

Athena Best Financial Group (ABFG) is a company that operates with a clear vision and set of values. To bring this vision to life, the company decided to invite us to produce a corporate video that would showcase their ethos and values in a dynamic and engaging way. To achieve this, we employed a combination of 3D animation, informative graphics, and narration.

At the center of the video is the message that ABFG is a forward-thinking company with a pioneering spirit. This message is conveyed through the use of 3D animation techniques that create a futuristic and hi-tech look and feel. The animation serves to reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and progress, highlighting their vision for the future of finance.

To ensure that the interviews with the management team blended seamlessly with the rest of the video, our production team used a chroma key treatment. This allowed these parts to seamlessly embed into the final product.

The video also introduces the variety of finance products offered by ABFG. To do this, our production team planned various sets and had detailed communication and arrangement with client to ensure the filming process went smoothly involving different staff within a tight timeframe.

In addition, multi-lingual subtitles are required to effectively communicate their message across Asia. As ABFG provides services throughout the region, subtitles were required in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to ensure that the video could be understood by a wide audience.

Creating multi-lingual subtitles is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail. Grammatical structures and sentence lengths can vary greatly between languages, our production team carefully adjusted each version to ensure that they were accurate and conveyed the intended message.