The University of Hong Kong

Excellence Awards

We were honoured to collaborate with the University of Hong Kong for the 22nd annual HKU Excellence Awards. Our task was to create videos for each of the 22 distinguished teachers and outstanding researchers, celebrating their achievements and sharing their joy. Also, to capture the wonderful highlight as well as an eye-catching opening video to start this meaningful ceremony.

Despite the tight timeline of around two months, we rose to the challenge and delivered high-quality videos that showcased the accomplishments of each awardee. We started by creating a set of designs for the videos based on the provided key visual, ensuring that each video was visually consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

Then, we drafted questions that pinpointed each recipient’s achievements and interviewed them to gather the necessary information. We worked closely with our client and each recipient to ensure that the videos were professional, accurate, and captured the essence of each awardee’s work.

The questions covered topics such as the recipient’s philosophy of teaching, passion for their focus, any unforgettable moments during the research process, and their forward aspirations, visions, and goals. We also asked each recipient to share words of gratitude or encouragement to their team or young researchers.

As we liaised with each recipient to confirm the shooting plan, location, and schedule, we ensured that our progress was transparent to our client who put exceptional high trust in us.

The resulting videos were a series of impactful and inspiring portraits of the talented and accomplished individuals being recognized by the HKU Excellence Awards. Each video captured the recipient’s passion and dedication to their work, as well as their commitment to making a positive impact in their field and beyond.

The videos were presented during the award ceremony, which was a memorable moment for the recipients, many of whom saw their videos for the first time. We were present at the ceremony as well to film the highlight video, and it was a gratifying experience to witness the recipients’ reactions to their videos. Some of them even came by and gave words of appreciation and gratitude to us.

The videos were later shared on the University of Hong Kong’s website and social media channels, where they continue to inspire and inform viewers about the important work being done at the institution.

We are proud to have been a part of this project. Our collaboration demonstrated the power of visual storytelling to celebrate achievement and showcase the important work being done by leaders in their respective fields.

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