Hong Kong Baptist University

Humanities Programme Promo

In this era of rapid development of technology and big data, there are a lot of techniques could be replaced by machines or AI. While AI can even imitate human to make pieces, only human are able to resonate and be moved.

Therefore the central value of [HUMANITIES] is irreplaceable. Now, more than ever.

Guided by voiceover, different elements of the [Humanities] programme are shown along with vibrant visuals and caption from the beginning of this video. This is a starter to arouse audience’s appetite to ponder what make us differ from just a shell but human.

Through first person sharing by teachers and students, audience is allowed to learn about their takeaways and the outstanding features of the programme.

During this video production, we travelled to different area, such as quiet nature environment, a library to study, and a bustling street to capture more different angles of our surroundings.

We hope that, on top of the interviews, real diverse context could help the audience to comprehend what truly is [Humanities].