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Taught Postgraduate Promo Animation

Lingnan University’s Taught Postgraduate Programmes (TPG) offers a diverse range of programs with excellent teachers and ample opportunities for professional development. And we are commissioned to tailor-made a fun, eye-catching, and attractive animation video to promote their TPG programs to mainland young people.

We proposed a Japanese animated comic style and a trailer-like approach to showcase the transformation of a newly graduated young man and the many details of the programs in a short and sweet manner.

The video starts with a real statistic: “In China, there are nearly 10 million college graduates every year.” This is followed by a question to ponder: “When everyone is exactly the same, how could you stand out?”

To answer this question, the story then unfold in an engaging and entertaining way, highlighting the various features of Lingnan’s TPG programs, such as their diverse range of programs on offer, campus facilities, hostels, opportunities to attend symposiums, conferences, internships, and to join summer school at Oxford.

The video’s conclusion is clear and impactful: enrolling in Lingnan’s TPG programs is a step towards a brighter future, where graduates can surpass the tens of millions in the sea of people and become a shining existence. The video’s message is meant to be inspiring and motivational, encouraging viewers to take the next step towards their professional goals by enrolling in Lingnan’s TPG programs.

The video was a great success. Highly appreciated by the university, and even there was a round of applause at the orientation ceremony.

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