B5 Diesel & CO2 Offset Program Promo

At APES, our production team specialises in translating complex concepts into simple visuals, and our partnership with Shell to introduce their B5 biodiesel and Voluntary Carbon Offset scheme was no exception. Our goal was to invite more business customers to get on board with protecting our planet and creating a better future.

Rather than starting with all the information up front, we designed an opening that focused on the “why” behind the program. Why is this program important and relevant to us? To achieve this, we used voiceover and visuals that created a contrast between the vibrant and prosperous metropolis of Hong Kong and the serious pollution problem that exists there.

“May I use 30 seconds to introduce my city.
This is an international metropolis.
Busy and crowded.
A renowned vibrant city.
But at the same time, it is seriously polluted.
The pollution level continues to exceed the limit.
It affects our heart, respiratory system and mental health.
Illness or even death caused by roadside pollution every year
was once the highest among the Pearl River Delta.
This is Hong Kong.
Change is possible.”

By presenting these facts, we aimed to draw the audience’s attention and stimulate them to think about the impact of pollution on our planet and our lives. To round up the opening session, we deliberately used a computer-key-pressing sound effect to symbolise a new start while visually emphasising “Change is possible.” Then, a new chapter was opened with scenes of beautiful nature.

Next, we introduced what Shell is doing to make a change through their “B5 biodiesel and the Voluntary Carbon Offset scheme.” We used a combination of on-site shooting, drone shots, key-on captions and animation to help the audience understand the concept and the impact it can have on our environment.

Throughout the video, we used clear and concise language and visuals to convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner which helped to bring the concepts to life and make them more relatable to the audience.