Lane Crawford

One Ball One Team

The Lane Crawford “One Ball One Team” video was a fun and engaging production that involved staff members from different stores and departments. The video was created to be used as an opening video for their internal staff party, and the theme of the video revolved around the World Cup season.

One of the biggest challenges that the production team faced was incorporating numerous staff members who didn’t know how to play football. To overcome this challenge, our team carefully planned every shot and movement to ensure that everyone was included and that the transitions between shots were smooth. We also had to provide guidelines for the branch offices in different cities in Mainland to shoot some footage to insert into the video, which added to the overall production value.

Another challenge was scheduling the filming process without affecting the normal operations of the stores. We had to work around the stores’ schedules to ensure that the filming process was as least disruptive as possible.

Despite these challenges, our production team managed to create a fun and engaging video. During the filming process, the staff members had fun playing and filming, which made the process enjoyable for everyone involved. The final result was a video that gained very positive feedback from Lane Crawford, and it was a successful opening video for their internal staff party.

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